Monday, September 5, 2016

Setting Up Your Network

You often hear that ‘your network determines your net-worth.’ This is true on some many levels. However, you do not hear how to change your network or even how should create it.

Recently, I discovered as I achieved new goals in my life, my network is bound to change. This is not due to me feeling like I am better than anyone. It is purely because with each accomplishment of a new goal brings new people and new way of doing things. Others may not comprehend or do not want to because they are comfortable in the environment that they have been in for years.

I have discovered that to create your new network, you must be vigilant in ascertaining those who are either at the level you want to be or desperately striving to achieve that level. This may seem hard at first, but it is very simple. Just look for those folks who operate in the circle of individuals that you classify as being successful, goal oriented, athletics, singers, business people, etc. You will find that they are all around you.

The next step is to determine who would do you the most benefit in being in your circle. This is important because a person may be successful or on their way to being prosperous, but may not do you any good. These folks may be the ones who will do anything including harming others to get what they want. You want to avoid them.

Once you find these folks you want to surround yourself with, start making time for them. Whether it is coffee at the local Starbuck’s, meeting them at the same gym, lunches, etc. I know this sounds trivial; however, most successful people just don’t have time to sit around to entertain folks who are thinking about being successful. They only have time for those who are serious about being successful.

Ronnie O’Brien Rice, Ph.D., J.D.

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