Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Self-control is the nectar of success

Self-control is much-needed to survive in today’s world. Self-control is more than a fancy idea or word to impress others or even yourself. I find that self-control is simply reconnects your current self with your desired self. It sounds simple, but it truly is that straightforward. If not, what is the point of exercising self-control if you do not have an overall desired goal or outcome for your life.
Some people make money from being impulsive. However, I know very few people who have obtained a long-term success outcome by continuing to practice in such a way.

Some reasons why people lack self-control include: lack of plan, lack of first want, no respect for self-control, or simple not believing in it. I am sure there are more; however, these are a few that come to mind. Self-control, I have found, is more about you and others. It has little to do with actually buying a larger home, fancy car, or obtaining a big corner office. It more about how you are able to interact with the world around you. For example, self-control with dieting is important for you to look and feel healthy. More so, it is more about how long you live on this earth and how you are able to play and work with your love ones.

I find that a person does better with self-control if they remind themselves of the reason they started upon this mission in the first place. On the other hand, I find that if people break down their goals into smaller steps, one may carry out more in a shorter period. The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. This is true with self-control. Start off small and in short time intervals. This is very much important when you find that your goal includes several hundred small steps. It may seem like the end is far off; however, as long as you break those goals (for self-control purposes) into smaller steps; it is easier to exercise it in times of need.

Also, self-control deals largely with fatigue. Don’t try to tackle goals while being exhausted. Do it both when rested and fatigued. Practicing self-control when well rested prepares you for the tough times.

All in all, self-control is very important in succeeding in any area of life. Furthermore, success in the field of self-control it is important to engage in small short steps and remember the reasoning for doing so.

Ronnie O. Rice, Ph.D., J.D.

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