Sunday, August 7, 2016

Know Your Worth

 Posted by James Brown
What is “knowing your worth?”
How to determine your worth?
How to increase your value (worth)?
What to do with your worth?
The first question is simple. Knowing your worth is having a high level of self-awareness, recognizing your skills, and operating with an extraordinary level of honesty within your life. All of these traits seem simple, but you will be surprised that many are not familiar or in tune with who they are.
The second question takes a more in-depth analysis of oneself. One may determine their worth from a spiritual, financial, and physical standpoint. I am of the belief that one must use all three at the same time. Determining your spiritual worth is to align your spiritual being with that of a higher power through a mental and behavioral worldview. Determining your financial worth seems to be easy. However, it is not about having the most money. It is about knowing the amount of money needed to live a lifestyle you are comfortable with and empowering yourself to make or invest that type of money. Lastly, one’s physical health must be in line with one’s spiritual and financial desires.  If you do not have healthy living practices, what is the point of having a healthy spiritual and financially life?
One can increase their value through education (both formal and self), self-discipline, helping others, and just simply taking one step towards their goals a day. In a world that constantly bombards the general population with facts, social media content, and advertisement; one may get very confused and frustrated. My advice is to do some research and try something that is solid.
The most important question of these four is ‘what to do with your worth.’ Please, do not simply sit on your gift. Apply for the right job, start your own business, go for it, and help others. Our worth was given to us to share. In Bob Proctor’s book, You Were Born Rich, he states that money is meant to be in circulation. I believe this is true with money and your gifts. Money for me is just a example of your gifts. So put your gifts into circulation.
~ Ronnie O. Rice, Ph.D., J.D.

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