Saturday, July 30, 2016

Know thy self

Knowing yourself is one of the healthiest mindsets to have. It allows you to perform at a higher level than most. Also, knowing yourself determines the level of your goal attainment. Some primary ways to getting to know your self is to recognize your goals; focus on the goals you want to achieve, and block out distractions.

Know your goals

You can determine your goals by (1) taking a personality evaluation, (2) enrolling in some stimulating continuing education courses, (3) or trying different activities that peak your interest. Doing chores, helping with the kids’ homework, and working are all apart of life. However, they do not define us. We must spend genuine time with ourselves to define who we are and what we want out of life. We have the ability to achieve anything we set our mind to accomplish. The key to success is to set our minds to do it.

Focus on goals

Next, write down your goals in a concise format and never let them leave your sight. This not only reminds you what you working for on a daily basis, but it reinforces the desires you have in life. When having a lot of tasks on the agenda, one may become consumed with the monotonous life and forget their overall purpose. I have often found that people who get frustrated easily have forgotten their greater purpose. So by putting your goals in front of you constantly increase your chances of achieving them and decreasing stress.

Minimize distractions

Find out what distracts you. Structure your life events in a way that enables you to get them done and allow time for you to focus upon achieving your goals. This takes the art of mastering your time and energy. For example, working at the job usually takes 8 hours. Make sure you dedicate your time and energy for the job; AT THE JOB. Once you get home, do the home activities when it needs to be done e.g., helping with homework, cooking dinner, etc. But, when done, turn your focus immediately upon your goals, not television, Facebook (unless it is part of your goal), etc.

So know your self includes recognizing your goals; focusing on the goals you want to achieve, and blocking out distractions. Let’s face it, achieving your goals not only help you, but help your family, church members, and your employers/coworkers.

~ Ronnie O. Rice, Ph.D.