Monday, October 12, 2015

Standing in the Gap

I’ve always heard of this while going to church when I was younger. However, I’m learning the importance of it as I’m older. For those who may not know, ‘standing in the gap’ stems from the biblical scripture Ezekiel 22:30. However, I have extended ‘standing in the gap’ to mean to speak up for and to defend someone. Often times, there are people who may be going through difficult times and simply need someone to speak for them and/or defend them. Sometimes, this includes people who are wealthy, highly educated, and operate in the lime light.

Two ways to stand in the gap for someone is to (1) speak nicely of people even if they offended you; and (2) stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Always speaking nicely of person forces one to look at that other’s strength. Speaking nicely about a person allows you to see opportunities to grow that other person.

Also, standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves allows room for progress. People who can’t speak for themselves includes people who aren’t there to speak for themselves. This situation plays out in organizations on a daily basis. People who ‘stand in the gap’ engages this situation to assist in the smooth flow of operations. In essence, ‘stand in the gap’ for those including your friends, your family, and those who may appear to be more successful than you. This will always help everyone out better in the long run.

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