Thursday, September 3, 2015

Your “why”: Achieving your desired goals

In order for one to achieve a desired goal, one must know their ‘why’ for achieving that goal as well as the actual goal. Your ‘why,’ or your purpose, is simply your reasoning for wanting to change your situation. This can include wanting to increase your income, help others, become a better person overall, etc. One’s purpose when achieving something of great magnitude has to be so significant, heartfelt, and emotionally that it is virtually impossible for a circumstance to stop them. I have found that some people simply do not achieve their goals because their ‘why’ is not good enough. Their why is not sufficient for them to continue to move forward in achieving their goals. Life has seasons, meaning there will be ups and downs. Achieving your goals when life is great is not difficult at all. However, striving towards your goals become difficult when everything around you seems to be turning downward. At this point, a person’s ‘why’ helps motivate them to continue onward with their journey. As many of you know, life is not easy. However, it becomes easier when you focus on your purpose: Your ‘why.’ Tap into the reasoning for wanting to achieve that goal. Whether it is continuing your education and obtaining a better job, develop a great, powerful, and significant ‘why’ and it will become easier to achieve you goals.  

~ Ronnie O. Rice, Ph.D.

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