Monday, September 14, 2015

Take ownership of your life

Taking control of your life means giving yourself the power and switch to determine the outcome of it. Do away with excuses and believing someone else determines your future. As more people come to this conclusion, the world will become a better place. Often times, a person’s current situation simply rest upon their actions in the past and present. Becoming more successful includes a high level of autonomy, accountability, and "stick-to-itness." Life is what you make it. And the way you make it depends solely upon the individual's vision and purview. Our vision is shaped by the music we listen to, the television we watch, and people we hang around. Even though these influences may seem arbitrary, a person can simply look at a person’s lifestyle to determine the negative stimuli in their lives. Try listening to something different for a week and see the desires of your heart change drastically. Go one more step forward and listen to something positive for the whole week and see how your life changes. Some say it may be your life that changes. Or the mere fact that you are looking at your life with a different set of glasses:  rose colored. All in all, changes what you input into your mind and it will give you a greater sense of opportunities available for you to succeed in your life daily.

~ Ronnie O. Rice, Ph.D.

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