Sunday, April 26, 2015

Who kicked your cat?

There once was an executive who was fussed out by the owner of the company for not performing at a level that the owner thought he should be. The executive went out of the owner’s office and under his breathe complained about always making the big deals for the firm over the past 10 years with the company. At that moment, his secretary came up and gave him letters that he requested earlier this morning. All of sudden, the executive fussed out the secretary for not sending them sooner and demanded her to step her game up before she gets fired. Then the secretary became angry because she has dedicated some much time and effort with the company for the past 5 years. The secretary out of frustration fussed out the switch board operator for not sending another set of letters out because the secretary thought the switch board operator was never busy. The switch board operator mad as steaming pipeline at the secretary all day went home to find her son’s skateboard in the foyer of her home and tripped over it. She then proceeded to fuss him out for not cleaning up after himself and performing poorly in school. At that precise time the son was being fussed at by his mother, the switchboard operator, kicked the cat that was walking through the hallway.

The moral of the story don’t let the owner of your company kick your cat.

- from Dr. Vincent Norman Peale (Dr. Ronnie O’Brien Rice)

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