Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monumental Points in Life

My wife recently asked me, what was the monumental point in my life that made me who I am? My response was that there were multiple points in my life in which I felt help shape who I am today. However, I call these moments self-evaluation ones in which I see something I want, I research what it takes to obtain it and I get to work. I encourage anyone who is looking to change their situation to set their goals, find out what you are doing that is counter productive to those goals and make steps to changing those behaviors to obtain these goals. Yes, it does sound simple and it is easy, once you set your mind to achieving those goals.

First, defining your goals is the most critical aspect of your monumental point, meaning you must know where you want to go in order to get there. One way to determine where you want to be is to meditate and day dream where you want to be in your life right now. Picture your life exactly how you want it be with little to no hindrances to obtaining those goals. A lot of times people will stop thinking about their goals due to perceived impossibilities. Do not be the one who kills your own dreams. Place others around you who believe in you and who are making their dreams come true because they will encourage you in the tough times.

The next step to monumental points in our lives is to find out what it takes to get there. You may find that what is being required to get to that point may not be worth obtaining. You always hear about people who have a lot of money, but are very miserable. Don’t let that be you. I decided a long time ago to not seek wealth while in the process of losing myself for it. Making money is always the easy part in life; it is keeping your identity in the process that is difficult. Once you find out where you want to be, find out the best moral avenue of getting there. You may find that it takes a little longer than stealing, cheating or lying on others. But, do not grow weary in well doing because it will pay off tremendously on the other side of the tough times.

Finally, make steps to change your behaviors and achieving goals. They say doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity. I believe this saying true to an extent, meaning that some times you are going to keep doing the right thing without any results for a while and finally it will all come pouring down at one point. So set your mind on your goals, find the path that suits you and make the change because it is worth it, trust me.

~ Dr. Ronnie O'Brien Rice

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