Sunday, August 24, 2014

Being committed to your purpose

Given all the issues one has to deal with during life, there are a lot of things that can distract you from your purpose in life. But, you most stay firm and don’t let the other things deter you from your purpose. For example, children, spouses, jobs, bills and friends’ can get in the way of following your true purpose. Some times, letting others and things get the best of you seems like the easier thing to do because life can seem so difficult at times. But, you must stay focus on your calling and purpose in life. For me, I meditate, study the Bible, keep my quiet time carved out and break my goals into minor steps. There are other methods to staying focus, but the ones I just mentioned are the ways that keep me focused.

1.  Meditating allows me to disregard the negatives in life and maximize the strengths regardless of the many issues that I have going on at that time. Meditating has given me peace, strength, motivation and passion in just one sitting. It can take hold of you regardless of what you are dealing with in life.

2.  Studying the Bible opens my mind to what others have done and the possibilities of the future. For me, the Bible is more than scripture. It is an ancient text. An ancient text provides a context what others have gone through in life. Also, if history repeats itself, it can tell you what the future holds.

3.  Locking in my quiet time gives me the opportunities to evaluate my life in the past and making better decisions in the future. Everything can cloud your judgment in life. Carving out your time will allow you think more clearly and the issues you are dealing with in life may not seem so bad.

4.  And lastly, breaking my goals into small steps gives me positive reinforcement to keep going on to achieve larger goals. One of things that I like about doing this is rewarding myself for achieving the small steps in between. I think we get bogged down with the ultimate plan. But, if you allow yourself to break steps down into smaller ones, it may not seem so bad.

So meditating, staying focus on the Bible, keeping your quiet time and breaking your goals into minor steps will help you stay focus on your goals as well as achieve your purpose in life. Once again, these aren’t the only ways. But, employing these steps will motivate you to stay focused.

~ Dr. Ronnie O. Rice

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