Monday, July 21, 2014

Having Hope and Planning for the Future

Two viewpoints in my life keep me in the circle of success:  Hope and Strategic Foresight. The first is hope for something better than my current situation. To many times, I find people in society failing to look pass their bills, job opportunities or relationship failures. If you do not learn to look at the positive side of every situation, you may find your self in the same situation years later. I encourage you to not fall into the victimized mindset of not being able to do anything about your situation. No matter how the job market looks like, or your relationship status with family and friends, you have a right to look at life as ‘the glass half full.’

Another mindset I think is important is planning for the future. This is not a free pass for one to forget or not to live in the present, but this is a call to plan for the future to live a better present. Planning for the future will help you look pass the current negativities in life. I have found that many people do not move pass an issue in life because they do not take certain steps to procure benefits in the future. In every phase of life, there are small steps we can make towards our overall goals. It is simple as sitting down and asking yourself, what are the milestones I need to accomplish to get to certain level in life? Do not let those small steps stop you from moving towards your goals, just use them as mini milestones to complete the overall objective. There is an old proverb that says you eat an elephant at one bite at a time. I have found that most life situations fall into this same proverb.

All in all, in the mist of trouble, you must find hope and plan for the future. What you do during your time of hardship will determine how successful you are in the future. I have found that most of my ideas, research, books, business ideas and investments came to me during times of extreme lost. I feel that it gave me some type of motivation and relevancy to others who may have been in the same situation.

Many people come to me and ask me how did I make it to this point in my life? My response to that question is my hope in my faith and the strategic foresight that He has blessed me with during my lifetime.

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