Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Forgive and Make New Memories

I came to the realization that most of things that have held me back were ill feelings towards others. Most of time, we think that as long as we say a prayer or talk to a spiritual leader that will settle the score. However, I think forgiveness is something you need to go deeper in regards to our heart. Our mouths and minds may say I have forgiven, but our hearts may say something totally opposite. I urge everyone who is reading this to look into the depths of their hearts and find what is holding you back from a great future. I have found that reminiscing about the good old times, even though they were not so good, and being stuck there without any sincere effort to move forward in life.

The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.  ~ Jokes4Us.com

I believe this joke is funny and true. When we dwell on the past, our present and future comes to a halt. Have you ever tried driving a car while only looking through the rearview mirror? I have tried it and it was difficult. Look at life as newly paved road with the knowledge of no potholes or cracks to mess you up like your past. We cannot be so busy holding on to old things, people and ideals that we forget to put our hands on the steering wheel life in the here and now. I am a firm believer that the past has passed for a reason. And the present is a gift for us to mold into something creative, fun filled and purpose driven. Now, I am not saying do not learn from your mistakes because those experiences, you cannot pay for or learn in a classroom. However, because we made a mistake or bad decision in our past does not mean we do not pick ourselves up to try something new or different. Along with this change in attitude and perspective, I think we should live in the present with a high-level of positive energy, hope and passion. I like to think of each day as a new canvas in which I paint any strokes or images I feel compelled to put on the board. To me, this is the greatest gift that even when we fail in the past, we can still wake up the next day with full autonomy and control over our lives.

Ronnie O'Brien Rice, PhD

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