Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Don’t ignore your feelings

I have come to the understanding that your feelings are there for a reason. Some people may claim others to be too emotional or emotionless. And I feel that everyone is entitled to have his or her emotions. My major disclaimer is to not let your emotions control your whole life because emotions can become erratic. However, totally ignoring your emotions could mean the death of a relationship, the discontinuance of your dreams and ultimately living a miserable life. I truly believe that emotions are a gift from God to allow us to enjoy life even more. Emotions is the feeling of looking at a random butterfly on the beach and allowing a person to feel the complexities of life in one glance.
It takes a lot of gale to listen to your emotions because they are telling you something about yourself that you may not understand at the moment. And emotions are quick to get out of hand if not adjusted in a timely fashion. Some times we either give into them too easily or try for years to ignore them. My solution is to allow your emotions to flow, but at the same time try to take an objective stance upon them. This objectivity allows for a greater understanding of the way you may feel about a specific situations or person. It might not be that you are in love with a person, it may mean you enjoy the feelings that the person brings when you around them. This alone may prevent a lot of people from being married and this actually may be good them when looking at the current divorce rate in America.
On the other hand, some people are too emotionless. I think the solution to this issue is to let your guard down around certain people your trust, not everyone; and write in a journal. I think people who are emotionless were hurt severely when they may have disclosed a personal issue to another person, or feel that they did not get a desired response when they revealed an intimate and close detail about themselves. These people need to make an extreme effort to get over the fear of being hurt again or not getting a desire result. Living a life such as this only festers into something greater.

All in all, emotions do get a bad rap a lot of times because they seem to have a tendency to put people in predicaments that they can’t get out of with the same emotions. As long as we guide our emotions, there is nothing wrong with them. We have to keep our emotions in check just as we have to keep our spiritual and physical lives in check.

Ronnie Rice, PhD

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