Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Revamp your lifestyle to enjoy more success

Given the harsh times of high unemployment rates, poor housing markets and, just down right out, crap shoot of economy, I think it is important to for many people to widen their gaze. Revamping your lifestyle can increase a person’s lifestyle tremendously. Revamping your lifestyle includes making wise career decisions, start smart saving plans, making prudent investment options and diversifying streams of income.

Career decisions are one of the best decisions that a person can make because it determines the personality of your spouse, ultimate family location, time that you spend at home, etc. I know people say that your career should be determined by your lifestyle, but I have found that it is the other way around. I don’t think that your career should dictate everything in life, but those who are involved in your life should be comfortable with the issues that come with your career choice. One way to determine the most fitting career field includes being honest with your self in regards to your personality, motivation and overall life goals.

Another area of my life that has helped me weather the storm in a tough economy is having multiple streams of income. Having several sources of income allows a person to be comfortable being them even if they have a full-time job. As anyone may know, the economy can go up or down depending on one single variable. So having different methods of obtaining income is a great suggestion, especially for those individuals who may have their own company or work in a career field that is very volatile. I have found that diversifying my income streams has helped me through the tough times.

Finally, investing and savings adds another level of financial security along with success. If you have your money work for you, you don’t have to work as hard. Some times, I have found that some people just let their money sit into a savings account without any plans of investing it to allow it to grow. If you are new to the investing world, I suggest that you start with funds that are very conservative. To find some good investments, start with a licensed financial advisor. I actually started investing without one and then started using one. Having your money work for you allows you to gain greater success.

Essentially, making wise career decisions, diversifying income and investing money in a smart way will help you move into a more successful lifestyle.

Dr. Ronnie O. Rice

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stop wasting your time

As I get older, I realized that there are a lot of people who I spent my time on I don’t need to spend that same amount of time on them anymore. It is doesn’t mean that they are bad people; they just aren’t conducive to my new way of living. One way to know when you need to let certain people out of your life is simply to look at the value they bring to it. I am not saying that your friends or family needs to bring in some type of monetary value; however, they shouldn’t always be pulling from you. Family and friends are good for the tough times as well as the good times. I suggest you determine who are the folks who are with you during both periods of time. A good person brings wisdom, great advice and support during your different transitions in life. Also, I have found that you may argue with this person because they want the best for you and vice versa.

Trimming your family and friends is one of the most valuable decisions you will ever make in life. I look back on my experiences and realize that a lot of people I started off with in life aren’t there anymore. So people come and go, but the true folks are there during the tough and bad times while boasting about the good ones. I suggest that you create a checklist for those you hang around to determine their value in your life. If you are wondering why you haven’t moved to the next level in life, it may be because of your surroundings. We all are responsible for our own actions, but true friends and family will take on others’ responsibilities outside of their own to help you.

Essentially, the saying that your network determines your net worth is totally true. And it is not simply about how much money a person makes or throws your way. It is about who is going to steer you in the right direction and keep you on the right path. Some people will never tell you when you mess up or need to change your thinking because they simply do not care about your well-being. However, the people who are constantly feeding into your life are the same ones you need to bring closer to you because they may be the key to your success.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Having Hope and Planning for the Future

Two viewpoints in my life keep me in the circle of success:  Hope and Strategic Foresight. The first is hope for something better than my current situation. To many times, I find people in society failing to look pass their bills, job opportunities or relationship failures. If you do not learn to look at the positive side of every situation, you may find your self in the same situation years later. I encourage you to not fall into the victimized mindset of not being able to do anything about your situation. No matter how the job market looks like, or your relationship status with family and friends, you have a right to look at life as ‘the glass half full.’

Another mindset I think is important is planning for the future. This is not a free pass for one to forget or not to live in the present, but this is a call to plan for the future to live a better present. Planning for the future will help you look pass the current negativities in life. I have found that many people do not move pass an issue in life because they do not take certain steps to procure benefits in the future. In every phase of life, there are small steps we can make towards our overall goals. It is simple as sitting down and asking yourself, what are the milestones I need to accomplish to get to certain level in life? Do not let those small steps stop you from moving towards your goals, just use them as mini milestones to complete the overall objective. There is an old proverb that says you eat an elephant at one bite at a time. I have found that most life situations fall into this same proverb.

All in all, in the mist of trouble, you must find hope and plan for the future. What you do during your time of hardship will determine how successful you are in the future. I have found that most of my ideas, research, books, business ideas and investments came to me during times of extreme lost. I feel that it gave me some type of motivation and relevancy to others who may have been in the same situation.

Many people come to me and ask me how did I make it to this point in my life? My response to that question is my hope in my faith and the strategic foresight that He has blessed me with during my lifetime.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Don’t ignore your feelings

I have come to the understanding that your feelings are there for a reason. Some people may claim others to be too emotional or emotionless. And I feel that everyone is entitled to have his or her emotions. My major disclaimer is to not let your emotions control your whole life because emotions can become erratic. However, totally ignoring your emotions could mean the death of a relationship, the discontinuance of your dreams and ultimately living a miserable life. I truly believe that emotions are a gift from God to allow us to enjoy life even more. Emotions is the feeling of looking at a random butterfly on the beach and allowing a person to feel the complexities of life in one glance.
It takes a lot of gale to listen to your emotions because they are telling you something about yourself that you may not understand at the moment. And emotions are quick to get out of hand if not adjusted in a timely fashion. Some times we either give into them too easily or try for years to ignore them. My solution is to allow your emotions to flow, but at the same time try to take an objective stance upon them. This objectivity allows for a greater understanding of the way you may feel about a specific situations or person. It might not be that you are in love with a person, it may mean you enjoy the feelings that the person brings when you around them. This alone may prevent a lot of people from being married and this actually may be good them when looking at the current divorce rate in America.
On the other hand, some people are too emotionless. I think the solution to this issue is to let your guard down around certain people your trust, not everyone; and write in a journal. I think people who are emotionless were hurt severely when they may have disclosed a personal issue to another person, or feel that they did not get a desired response when they revealed an intimate and close detail about themselves. These people need to make an extreme effort to get over the fear of being hurt again or not getting a desire result. Living a life such as this only festers into something greater.

All in all, emotions do get a bad rap a lot of times because they seem to have a tendency to put people in predicaments that they can’t get out of with the same emotions. As long as we guide our emotions, there is nothing wrong with them. We have to keep our emotions in check just as we have to keep our spiritual and physical lives in check.

Ronnie Rice, PhD

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Forgive and Make New Memories

I came to the realization that most of things that have held me back were ill feelings towards others. Most of time, we think that as long as we say a prayer or talk to a spiritual leader that will settle the score. However, I think forgiveness is something you need to go deeper in regards to our heart. Our mouths and minds may say I have forgiven, but our hearts may say something totally opposite. I urge everyone who is reading this to look into the depths of their hearts and find what is holding you back from a great future. I have found that reminiscing about the good old times, even though they were not so good, and being stuck there without any sincere effort to move forward in life.

The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.  ~

I believe this joke is funny and true. When we dwell on the past, our present and future comes to a halt. Have you ever tried driving a car while only looking through the rearview mirror? I have tried it and it was difficult. Look at life as newly paved road with the knowledge of no potholes or cracks to mess you up like your past. We cannot be so busy holding on to old things, people and ideals that we forget to put our hands on the steering wheel life in the here and now. I am a firm believer that the past has passed for a reason. And the present is a gift for us to mold into something creative, fun filled and purpose driven. Now, I am not saying do not learn from your mistakes because those experiences, you cannot pay for or learn in a classroom. However, because we made a mistake or bad decision in our past does not mean we do not pick ourselves up to try something new or different. Along with this change in attitude and perspective, I think we should live in the present with a high-level of positive energy, hope and passion. I like to think of each day as a new canvas in which I paint any strokes or images I feel compelled to put on the board. To me, this is the greatest gift that even when we fail in the past, we can still wake up the next day with full autonomy and control over our lives.

Ronnie O'Brien Rice, PhD