Monday, May 26, 2014

Success isn’t always peaches and cream

Many make success out to be this glorious and glamorous event. However, success is something that isn’t always having the stage spotlight gleaming down upon you. Even though, success is a great reward, it takes a ton of work that no one else is willing to do. Furthermore, success isn’t only about having a lot of money as well. I know plenty of folks who were and are millionaires, but lives’ are in shambles due to poor moral compasses. The biggest point of success is having wealth both financially and morally. As I continue coursework and requirements for academic accomplishments, I realized that achievement is more about the fulfilling the purpose of God and self-worthiness and not the title. So I’ve developed true steps to success with no gimmicks. The steps to true success are goal setting, self-evaluation and hard work. And these steps are to be done in a repetitive cycle.

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