Sunday, February 23, 2014

Give from your heart

I have found myself giving more than the average person does. In addition, I have taking in more stressful things than the average person does. Many times, we face society pressures to perform, but we must always remember others have it worse. If you are going through something on your job, remember there are others who wish they had the opportunity to go through something. If you are in school, remember there are people who fought for us to have an opportunity to get an equal education. This is not a blog about slavery, racism, sexism, gay rights, etc. This is simple a post for everyone to appreciate the stage in life they are in because many others may wish they were in the similar situation because their current predicament is such hell. God calls us to live a Godly life and we all fall short of the glory of God. Therefore, welcome to the club, we will have a laminated membership card waiting for you at the door. (Joke, obviously). This is a reminder that many people go through hardships in life and it is not up to us to focus on the negative, but to focus on the positive. The path to success is not easy because it is mostly about changing our mindset. We have to go against our selfish ways. We have to think about others. We must give and not expect or actually receive in return. Count all these things as joy. For it is an honor to go through things and come out the other side pure as gold.

Wise words from my wonderful, precious wife.