Monday, December 2, 2013

How to think and act positive when your situation seems negative

Many times we don’t achieve our greatest potential because we cease to think and act positively when our situation seems negative. The key to focusing on the thinking and acting positive is repetition. This includes repetition in saying, seeing and doing. If you focus on the positive outcomes and outlooks of your life by repeating positive statements, you will find yourself living a better life. For example, I’m going to get my dream job; I’m going to be a better spouse; etc. Next, if you write down yours goals and read more positive books, you will see your life’s successes increase significantly. Often times we don’t achieve greater success because we simply forget about our objectives and goals. Lastly, we have to convert the saying and seeing into action. Even if we make the smallest step of obtaining a better job or more business, it will reaffirm our previous thoughts. So to change your negative outlook on life, you must start with saying and seeing; and the doing will come naturally. These steps may seem simple at first. However, when it comes to making significant changes in your life, these same steps can turn into monumental life moments.  

~ Ronnie


  1. Vision is always the key to achieving your goals. If you cannot see it, if you cannot see it you cannot speak it, and without those no action can follow. That is why it is important to really focus in on your dreams, see yourself in that position or activity clearly and start believing that it is yours. Great post

  2. I totally agree... That's what seems to be the hardest thing for a lot of people: changing their thinking of themselves.