Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What does being bored really mean?

Many may say boring is doing something repetitive, or doing something without any excitement. I have a tendency to think that boredom is when you are doing something that you don’t want to do. Most people get tired of relationships, working, going to class, etc. However, why is that? Don’t we choose to be in the relationship? Don’t we choose where we work? Don’t we choose what school we attend (adults only, lol)? So why is it that we still get ‘bored?’ The answer to this question is simply we lose the reason for the season. Most of time this is used during Christmas, but I think this applies to every season of our life e.g. the season we are achieving everything or making a lot of money; the season when we seemingly can’t get anything right; or the season when we are spending more money than we are bringing in. Simply put, we must remember the reason we are working, going to school or have a relationship with a specific person. It is because we desire a better life for ourselves and those around us. We have a higher purpose than to simply be entertained all the time. Maybe being bored is an indication for us to do something more with our lives. Simply saying we are bored and doing nothing about it is enticing temptation and setbacks. So think of the ‘real’ reason you are doing something and either reconnect with it or change it. Don’t sit idly and doing nothing because contrary to popular belief, life is going by fast.  

~ R. Rice

Monday, December 2, 2013

How to think and act positive when your situation seems negative

from http://fathersayings.com/tag/think-before-you-speak/
Many times we don’t achieve our greatest potential because we cease to think and act positively when our situation seems negative. The key to focusing on the thinking and acting positive is repetition. This includes repetition in saying, seeing and doing. If you focus on the positive outcomes and outlooks of your life by repeating positive statements, you will find yourself living a better life. For example, I’m going to get my dream job; I’m going to be a better spouse; etc. Next, if you write down yours goals and read more positive books, you will see your life’s successes increase significantly. Often times we don’t achieve greater success because we simply forget about our objectives and goals. Lastly, we have to convert the saying and seeing into action. Even if we make the smallest step of obtaining a better job or more business, it will reaffirm our previous thoughts. So to change your negative outlook on life, you must start with saying and seeing; and the doing will come naturally. These steps may seem simple at first. However, when it comes to making significant changes in your life, these same steps can turn into monumental life moments.  

~ Ronnie