Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Enjoy today, work for tomorrow and adhere to your moral compass

In a society that seeks to do more, it may be hard to enjoy the day. There seems to be something that needs to be done at all times. However, we must put the breaks on life and ‘smell the flowers!’ One can enjoy the day by simply visiting the local park, meditating or giving back to others. No matter the difficulty of doing so, enjoying the present is key to working for tomorrow. Working for tomorrow is a necessity for survival and continued growth, but it is not a simple goal for more money. Working for tomorrow must be guided with moral principles. Our moral compass operates to determine the goals that we set to achieve and the actions that we should undertake to complete them. Simply, our moral compass is a spiritual guidance and purpose for living:  family, spiritual development, etc. Using our moral compass is great with formulating plans for working and enjoying the day. 

~ Ronnie O'Brien Rice

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