Sunday, July 14, 2013

Break from the distractions

One big step into being successful in any field is taking a break from all of life’s distractions e.g. family, work, finances, school, etc. Often times, many think being constantly engaged is the way to be successful. This is far from the truth. Simply being busy only means ‘being busy.’ There should be a point in which one can think, plan and act strategically about their next major moves in their life.

We all know individuals who are constantly busy, but never seem to progress to the next level. This is because there is little to no thought put into life steps in the months and years to come.

One way to think of strategic planning is to set goals; plan for the steps in between one’s current status and those goals; and act out those plans. Even though plans never go as ‘planned’, it is important to revisit the strategic thinking and planning stages every month to three months to ensure adjustment with life changes.

Overall, it is very important to get a break from the distractions because it allows one to think about those goals that were supposed to be obtained by now. One of the major reasons for many not achieving their dreams is distractions; not time or resources. So grab some quiet time at a library or outside on the lawn. This may be one of the essential steps to becoming more successful.  

~ Ronnie O'Brien Rice

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