Monday, July 22, 2013

Time: Be on time, begin early and manage time wisely

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” ~ Nelson Mandela

To become more success in any area of life there are three aspects of time that one should consider:  (1) be on time, (2) begin early and (3) manage time wisely.

Be on time

A golden rule of being on time is usually disregarded for various reasons; however, being on time reflects positively on the person and lets others know that you mean business. Regardless of the event e.g. a church meeting, child’s sports game or meeting with a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we should all be on time. If other people are on time for a meeting, you must decide to be on time as well. This speaks to one’s character because it shows that regardless of the event and the person being met, other people’s times are just as valuable as your own.  Also, it makes a great statement about you as a person.

Get started early in the day

Waking up earlier than needed is something that has plagued mankind due to longing for more sleep; however, it is essential to get up earlier than enough time to eat breakfast and rush kids to school. We need to set our mind to the things that we want to accomplish. This takes focusing on the things that we want to get accomplished throughout the week and day. More importantly, it takes more time to get things completed around our already busy lifestyle. But, this is the price in being more successful and following a purpose driven life.

Manage your time wisely

Often time, managing time is everyone’s biggest issue in life. Many may think being busy is the answer to the life. I totally disagree. I think it is important to prioritize and conquer. Don’t complete tasks because it is on the checklist. Complete tasks because they are important and you want to do them. These tasks must fit into the general theme of your life. And that theme needs to be a purpose driven one, not a simple happenstance. There is always time to do the right thing for yourself and others, no matter the cost. The cost of not doing the right things always out weighs the cost of doing the right thing. Being busy doesn’t mean that you are getting the right things done. Some times you have to be strategic with some of the things that you do throughout the day. You may want to do a lot of things; however, some things will contribute more to future success. 

~ Ronnie Rice

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Break from the distractions

One big step into being successful in any field is taking a break from all of life’s distractions e.g. family, work, finances, school, etc. Often times, many think being constantly engaged is the way to be successful. This is far from the truth. Simply being busy only means ‘being busy.’ There should be a point in which one can think, plan and act strategically about their next major moves in their life.

We all know individuals who are constantly busy, but never seem to progress to the next level. This is because there is little to no thought put into life steps in the months and years to come.

One way to think of strategic planning is to set goals; plan for the steps in between one’s current status and those goals; and act out those plans. Even though plans never go as ‘planned’, it is important to revisit the strategic thinking and planning stages every month to three months to ensure adjustment with life changes.

Overall, it is very important to get a break from the distractions because it allows one to think about those goals that were supposed to be obtained by now. One of the major reasons for many not achieving their dreams is distractions; not time or resources. So grab some quiet time at a library or outside on the lawn. This may be one of the essential steps to becoming more successful.  

~ Ronnie O'Brien Rice