Thursday, June 6, 2013

How organizing your life will help you become successful?

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What is organizing?
Organizing one’s life means setting goals, evaluating current situation and tying loose ends. Many times people are stuck in either achieving goals, being in their current situation or trying to complete tasks that have been incomplete for years. Doing all of these isn’t the issue; it is the inability to move from the different aspect of life at a well-balanced pace.
Types of organizing? Why organize? What are the benefits of organizing?
One can employ several methods to organize their life:  (a) setting and achieving goals; (b) evaluating current situation; and (c) tying life’s loose ends. Setting and achieving goals means that one has to be strategic. When setting goals, a person must have a purpose because this fuels the continuous obtainment of them. Evaluating current situation allows one to understand the steps that are needed to get from point A to point B. Tying life’s loose ends prevents many from only looking into the future and hindering progression of the present.
How to organize?
Take time each day to prioritize and complete tasks, write goals and being courageous are a few ways in which a person can better organize their life. Whether 5 or 30 minutes, designating time in one’s daily life to set goals and complete tasks allows for one to continuously become closer to goals. Secondly, writing goals encourages mental positive reinforcement in regards to person specific desires. Thirdly, by being courageous helps a person in completely tasks that has either been time consuming or requires a lot of resources. 

Ronnie O'Brien Rice, PhD - ABD

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