Sunday, March 3, 2013

Forgive yourself. Allow yourself to succeed.

From Will Smith's fourth single "Just the two of Us"

A great actor, motivator and lyricist:  Will Smith

As I’ve been pondering about my life, my travels and the people I’ve met, I realized that I made a lot of bad choices and/or mistakes. However, I think what has allowed me to succeed in spite of my downfalls is the ability to look towards the future and forgive myself. There is no way to ‘right’ your every ‘wrong’:  (1) it could be very time consuming; and (2) it takes you away from the things you could be doing in the present. A major reason for people not succeeding in their own desired capacities is because they are either stuck in the past or living in the future. On one hand, you want to remember the past and learn from your mistakes. On the other hand, you want to have goals and continuously strive to meet those goals. As a person who has done both and some time struggle to balance those behaviors, it is extremely important to be well balanced and versed in the both. One method to initiate that balance is to surround yourself with people who weren’t positive, being encouraging or understanding of my success path. People who only knew the past and wanted to stay there surrounded me. It wasn’t their fault because that’s what life seemingly dealt them and they felt more than obligated to reinforced that belief on me. The key to handling people with such mind mentality is to encourage them to achieve the goals that they once had in life and assist them in achieving them while you continually obtain your personal goals. Positivity and motivation is very contagious. No matter the person, when they see someone close to them succeeding, they want to know the secret. So give it to them. All in all, we must forgive ourselves for the past mistakes and bad decisions. Then and only then, we can move forward with achieving the goals we have set because you never want to settle and live in the past; but, you want to enjoy the present while understanding your future. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Give, Love and Work towards your goals

Atlanta Baptist Seminary, later known as Morehouse College

With many CEO (Chief Executive Officers) being forced to make difficult decisions in a rough and every changing economy, it is important that we keep our bearing about ourselves. When I say bearings, I mean setting goals and continuing to strive for them. It may be hard to set goals, let alone achieve them because of one’s busy life style e.g. rearing children, attending business meetings, etc. However, for our own sanity and betterment of those around us, staying on our life course is essential. One would be surprised at the multitude of individuals who live without having a definite goal. When I talk with various people about overall life goals, their response sounds similar to “I want better for kids, I want to earn a six figure salary, or I want some expensive item such as a Lamborghini or Bentley.” Now, there is nothing wrong with having such lofty goals. However, the reasoning for having these goals is more important. Whenever you are setting goals, there should be a life purpose attached to it. Meaning, saying you want an 8,000 square foot home to show off to family and friends is definitely a poor reason for wanting it. However, if you want at home of that size to help those who may be in a period of transition and lack a place to live temporarily may be a better reason. On the contrary, your reasoning for setting specific goals doesn’t have to be tied to a “Mother Theresa” motive. But, simply wanting things is an easy and fast way to end up with a miserable life because the feeling you were trying to acquire through these vicariously obtainment of objects or fame may not avail that particular feeling at that point. Simply, we must continuously strive for a life filled with peace and love. Some of the major avenues of doing such are to give, love and work towards our goals. Giving provides a deep sense of connection within our community. Love allows us to forgive and sympathize with others. And working towards our goal is a way to give and show love on a daily basis.