Saturday, February 2, 2013

Success means being consistent with your God given purpose regardless of your outcome

Too many times individuals want various results that collide with each other and wonder why they haven’t gotten what they seemingly worked for. It may be due to the fact of one working towards multiple goals that conflict with each other. We must make clear defined goals while systematically striving to achieve them. One of main issues for many is being consistent with their work ethic. Yes, true success doesn’t come over night. And it is a reason for it happening that way. For those who do achieve success overnight often abuse the rewards and create a false sense of hope for those who strive to do the same. One can read the many times folks win the lottery and in a short period of time period afterwards something very bad happens to them. First off, there is a pleather of explanations that someone can provide. However, it is important to understand that the way that people obtain success plays a major role in how they can enjoy it. Also, the way that people obtain success determines the type of enjoyment they will have. Often times, we may see realty television stars and salivate at having their life style. But ask yourself, would you want someone in your house all the time. Would you want someone constantly trying to find confidential information about you and your family? These are some of things that many celebrities go through in the day-to-day lifestyle of success. It is one thing to see the end result, which may be standing on stage and driving the nice automobile. But, there is a lot that happens in a person’s dash: The symbol that is seen on tomb stones in between a person’s birthdate and day they leave this earth. So basically, don’t focus on getting overnight success, but focus on your God given purpose while consistently providing the best service or product given your resources. The work you put in to achieve your success may help you have a healthy lifestyle of success.

~ Ronnie O'Brien Rice, Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Human Resource Development