Thursday, December 6, 2012


Surround yourself around with ‘GREAT’ people

Success in any arena hinges on who you surround yourself with; meaning the people who you talk with on a daily basis determines you success. YOUR NETWORK DETERMINES YOUR NET WORTH. Many times, you hear the phrase ‘self-made millionaires.’ I can’t stress too much how much of a false statement that is. Self-made success stories are only possible by the people you surround yourself with in your daily lives. Some people have an issue with doing such because they either (a) don’t know where to start or (b) they may feel that they are using the people around them to get something they want. Let’s address the first of these two statements, the way you improve your circle is to find people who are doing what you want to be doing or something similar and engage those people. Whether it is as simple text, phone call, email, or Facebook post, find some common ground to develop a relationship. Also, don’t set limits on the people you want to engage such as the president of the country or vice president of your company. When doing so, have a sincere heart. Let people know what you are trying to better your lifestyle. More importantly, embrace the person’s wisdom with passion. Too many times, people want things others have until they realize the obstacles that person had to go through to achieve their level of success. In those times, those people back off because they feel that it isn’t worth it. (This is the reason for medical doctors and attorneys residency programs. To ensure that the individual wants to go into this field and can handle the high level of stress that comes along with being in those fields). Secondly, don’t simply connect or talk with certain folks because you want to get something out of them. Always approach these individuals with something you can give them, e.g. time, assistance, other resources. This way of thinking and engagement allows the other person to better see that you not only want to improve the way you live, but you want to give back to the community. Usually, this is half of the battle for many individuals. Even though they don’t like where they are, they don’t want to give up the little they have for the chance of something greater. So surround yourself with great people who are doing some of things you want to be doing and give back. True success is building up people around you while working on yourself. 

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