Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goal Setting

The reason for setting goals is not to accomplish things to put on your resume. But, it is about the development of those around you. More so, setting goals allows one to have some thing to strive for in their everyday lives. Think about individuals you may work with in your organization who may not be goal oriented. Too many times these individuals waste their time interfering with others who are trying to be more productive.

At the risk of adding to present day societies common pressures on the average worker, one’s goals should include that of their own along with the organizations. There should be a balance between the growth of the individual and the organization. In life, there are examples of both where individuals pour their life into an organization and at the moment of downsizing, they are let go. And on the other hand, some employees do not put any energy and time into their organization. But, due to their union agreements or other contractual situations, they put no energy into the overall development of organization.

A good method to ensure the balance of both personal and organization growth is writing down a list of goals for both worldviews. Draw a line down the middle and accomplish a goal from each list. Even though this method seems elementary, it can highly profitable. Some times in life the simplest behaviors can generate the most return on investment. What’s on your list? And how soon are you going to achieve them?