Monday, March 19, 2012

Leading while listening to your followers


Leading from within takes a significant part of self-analyzing and criticism from ones who care about your well being. Of course, this takes a certain level of thick skin. It is imperative that individuals do not lead organizations in their own arrogance. Leading from one’s person logical progression of thought is essential for individuality, but it is critical for one to take constructive criticisms from others. Others can be colleagues, supervisors and followers. Too many times, leaders do not want to listen to their subordinates because of various reasons such as years of experience, education level and age. However, it is imperative for leaders to know that they can learn from anyone. Experience, education and age can only take one to a certain level in organization growth. A great leader will understand that it is imperative for them to pull information and guidance from various followers in an organization. Leading is about balance, being humble, strategic and serving. Taking criticism from followers takes these traits. Moreover, it takes interpretation of these criticisms and creating powerful leadership tools with them for the further development of the organization as a whole.

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