Sunday, February 26, 2012

Controlling your emotions

Being passionate about others!

Being a leader and gaining experience as one is about controlling your emotions. Leadership takes dealing with multiple personalities while getting the job done. The job of a great leader entails, one, doing both of these behaviors while, two, moving the organization to an unheard of level. In regards to emotions, it is essential that the leader controls their emotions, but not become emotionless. Emotions are one of the fundamental principles that are needed to effectively lead and push the organization into a new era. Emotions provide the buy in for the leaders. Even more so, it is the intrinsic motivation for the leader to stay with the organization even if it is not in the best condition.

Furthermore, the controlling of emotions deals with the leaders interaction inside and outside of the organization. The leader needs to be able to engage their followers and colleagues without being overpowering, but showing a high level of commitment. Also, the leaders needs to engage potential customers, clients and love ones in a way that shows that their role is as important as their role as leader. In present day society, there are numerous examples that show the consequences of behavior that do not coincide with that of the organization. If a leader, e.g. celebrity, artist, businessperson, does not handle themselves according to the rules and culture of the organization, there can be significant repercussions. These consequences exist, even though the leader is outside of the actual ‘nine to five’ bounds. Essentially, there is a substantial need for leaders to have passion, purpose and excitement about their role within any organizations. More so, there is a greater calling to control their emotions, which almost always determine their behaviors.

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