Friday, October 14, 2011

Small beginnings

An ancient text states do not despise the day of small beginnings. In leadership, this passage is applicable within any organization. Many may want to see the bottom line of the company increase overnight while others may want everything handed to them on a silver platter. But, the leader who allows time for programs, budgets and organizations to grow over time from an infancy stage may have far more greater satisfaction, success and appreciation at the end. Success is not about making the most money or obtaining the biggest building. It is about serving people and the needs of the community. Whether that community is a neighborhood, state, country, or the world, success and leadership is about serving people who has needs. In order to serve those needs, it is essential for leaders to start from a fundamental platform in which someone is listening. Leadership connects the needs of the people to the idea of the individual who is listening. This can be seen with companies such as Walt Disney, Apple, Hyundai, etc. These companies listened to the needs of the people in regards to producing a environment in which children wanted to be entertained, people wanted better performing computers, and consumers wanting more luxurious vehicles without the costly price tag. When starting from the beginning it forces leader to listen, act with a sense of urgency and contain a sense of appreciation throughout the success of an idea. One of the terrible sights in the field of leadership is seeing a company grow into a multi-million dollar organization and fold because of leadership losing sight of the original purpose development So remembering the beginning provides more than good story telling to kids, but it gives a sense of appreciation to those in leadership. 

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