Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leading a dying organization

Being a leader within a dying organization is a tough pill to swallow and it takes a special individual to do it. At some point or another, an individual becomes part of organization that is heading downward. However, with the right tools, one can make a positive difference. Some steps one can take to move the company into the right direction can include: assess the situation, approach the members of the organization, devise a plan together, make sacrifices to implement the plan, implement the plan, analyze the results, reward the members of the organization and restructure based on results obtained. These steps are not guaranteed; however, these are some steps that one can make to ensure that the organization’s growth is stabilized and increased. In present day society, companies are facing a lot of financial uncertainties and high unemployment rates. Organizations of every background are dealing with restructuring to ensure future success of the company.

Assessing the situation is a step that many may overlook. Those who forget this step tend to be individuals who are not interested in the concerns of current employees. It is imperative to understand the culture, climate and structure of the organization to move forward. Communicating with the members of the organization is critical to the understanding of the company’s history and members’ desired future. Next, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail.’ The members of the organization must devise a plan to deal with current issues and build on the strengths of the company. This means that everyone must sacrifice to implement the plan as suggested and needed. Furthermore, organizations’ members need to analyze the result the plans have made. This is to ensure that organizations are engaging in evidence-based practices. A major component within this process is rewarding the personnel to show appreciation and act of motivation for the future plans of the company. Many leaders miss this step because of the preoccupation of daily activities. Lastly, restructuring the organization based on results and member feedback ensures a complete cycle of organization improvement as well as higher effectiveness. Once again, these steps are not infallible, but provide a significant step towards higher productivity levels and organization effectiveness.  

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