Monday, October 24, 2011

Chase your passion, purpose and dream as if your life depended on it because it does.

Chase your passion, purpose and dream as if your life depended on it because it does. In present day society, mediocrity has become the norm for many. Due to financial breakdowns in large corporations, dishonesty in community leaders, and other issues, the masses have felt a huge need to become complacent. The feeling to not venture out the box is coupled with a higher sense of guaranteed lifestyle. However, this is one of the greatest deaths to a society and economy. Without a person who has a passion for a specific career choice, it is hard to continue a productive society. If there is no one who is willing to perform the duties of medical doctor for the reasons of helping people, then there may be an increase of individuals who are in the medical field because of the wrong reasons. Instead of working in the career one enjoys, many work in a career for money or other immoral reasons. This creates disgruntled employees, low satisfaction levels in the workplace, and low levels of intrinsic motivation to succeed. In other words, everyone should chase their passion, purpose and dreams as if their life depended on it. Even though, the road to success in a desired career field is not easy, following that passion is significantly better than ignoring the one’s purpose in life. Furthermore, the decision to follow one’s dream has little to do with the individual, but more to do with those around. For example, a friend decided to resign for a guaranteed and financial comfortable position to pursue a doctorate degree in a foreign country with a prestigious university. This simple behavior inspired others around to follow their passion. This minuscule action started a chain reaction. One may not know the effects of behavior on others; however, those unknown effects can be great. In short, one’s decision to follow a passion, dream and purpose is not about the person only; it is about the community around them. This blog is about personal leadership within an organization: YOUR organization. 

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