Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being a leader through children

As a leader it is important to integrate children into roles that they may fill in the near future. Often times, companies fail to properly create and engage in a successful succession planning model. The recent death of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, shows the importance of succession planning. Given the fact that succession planning is needed, how does one go about engaging in one? There are many types of succession plans, but one of the most important methods or means is that of grooming children. The Child Savings Account Program (CSAP), Rice a recent facilitator, is an excellent method of helping the future leaders of tomorrow to develop the skills needed to hold leadership positions. CSAP is designed to teach students to save money by matching the amount of money that is placed into a savings account at local bank. Some may think that a program as simple as this is too ‘elementary.’ Furthermore, some may think that programs such as CSAP cannot have a significant effect on leadership roles of tomorrow, especially multi-million dollar corporate entities. However, programs similar to this serve a feeder to others. These entities teach students leadership skills to run the company of the future. Leadership focused programs assist in the development of students into becoming better influential individuals of tomorrow as well. So whenever thinking who will be filling the positions of tomorrow leaders such as Jobs, think of community programs such as the Child Savings Account Program.

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