Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day: Are you enjoying your labor?

Labor Day is the recognition of American’s hard work that is provided throughout the years. In this post, Labor Day is going to be dissected in terms of employees’ enjoyment. During a time when job security seems to hide from many, even beyond the United States population, how does one find joy, fulfillment and purpose within a profession?

Many explanations can be given in regards to finding joy, fulfillment and purpose in a profession. Some include knowing the reason for working in the environment, looking for entrepreneurial avenues to earning income, answering questions of job satisfaction, reevaluating line of work, believing in better styles of earning income, strategically planning success, understanding transitioning and/or increase productivity, and finding personal worth within employment opportunities. In all of these suggestions, there are some key elements to focus on when developing an appreciation and enjoyment for a profession which includes: becoming a producer; evaluating one’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in current and/or desired profession; and believing in oneself by developing strategic goals for success in desired profession. Of course, there are other ways in which one can enjoy their profession outside of the reasons given; however, this post provides basic information and ‘food for thought’ in the continuation of one’s development of increased job satisfaction and career selection.

Some fundamental sources that one can focus on when developing an appreciation and enjoyment for their profession within present day unemployment uncertainty is becoming a producer in a profession; evaluating one’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in current and/or desired profession; and becoming serious and committed to one’s success in a profession. Being a producer in a field can be defined as creating and/or developing knowledge, tools and resources that will increase the growth of a profession. For example, a chemical engineer can develop a cutting edge formula for an environmentally safe residential cleaning agent. This action can help an individual to move from an employee of a company to a leader in the engineering field. Secondly, an individual has to evaluate ones knowledge, skills and abilities within the current and desired profession. By doing so, it forces one to realize some strengths and weaknesses. Once a person realizes their competencies, they can move to a serious commitment to enjoying their career. By knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, one can make a strategic plan to move forward within the profession. In order to succeed, one has to know how to get to point B (increased enjoyment) from point A (less enjoyment).

Becoming a producer, leader in your field; self-evaluating; and committing seriously to your profession are some avenues one can engage in when developing a higher sense of enjoyment for their profession in a time of economic and employment uncertainty. Following these suggestions can assist an individual in becoming a leader in their profession as well as create opportunities for others. Labor Day is about celebrating those who contribute to the economic development of the world, but more importantly those who actually enjoy doing so. 

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