Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Technology leadership: Using technology to become a more effective leader

Definitions of technology leadership seem to be rare and far-fetched. This post looks to address the relationship between technology and leadership. Many may think that leadership has nothing to do with technology, but it is important to realize the integration of both in the realm of the other.
Integration of technology within leadership is essential to the development of organizations. One may think that leadership is separate from technology; however, technology and leadership are one in the same. In order to operate a business, a leader needs to have a certain level of technology competencies. Some of these technology competencies may include electronic communication, web-development and online learning.

Another aspect of technology leadership is the integration of leadership within technology. When one discusses this avenue, it is vital to understand the process in which leadership is infused into technology. Technology can be thought of as internet, computers, and web sites. Leadership can be thought of as executives and getting others to change their behavior. The integration of leadership within leadership can be seen as executives and changing employee behavior within the internet, computer, and web community.

Also, there are some new developments that should be taken under consideration when discussing technology leadership. New technologies, innovation, diversity, and creativity are some components one can observe. Using new technologies such as iPad and smaller processors can assist leaders in being more effective in the organization. Being more effective can include increase productivity and greater work-life balance. Innovation, diversity and creativity can be seen as going hand in hand. Creating innovative ways of engaging in diversity while being creativity may increase a leader’s effectiveness in various organizations.

Technology leadership assists in the building of individuals, teams and organizations. Technology can bring individuals together through internet communication. Also, technology can create more efficient methods of processing organizational rules and regulations. Furthermore, technology leadership helps develop an organization’s mission, purpose, teams and/or organizations. By using technology, companies can share the organization’s goals faster and globally.

Leadership can be improved through computers, web development, information technology and electronic communication. Also, these are some of the avenues in which technology and leadership can be integrated. There are more aspects that contribute to leadership, but it is necessary to view them in more indirect lens such as methods that technology can change leader behavior.

Some questions that may probe the technology and leadership conversation further are what are some new technologies; how does one define innovation; how does one define diversity within leadership and technology; and how can one be creative using technology leadership?

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