Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moral leadership: More than a Wall Street executive

Recent activities of celebrities, actors, and politicians show an increased concern for moral leadership in all walks of life. When in then lime light, it is important for many to realize and understand their impression on fans, followers, and employees. Often times, individuals who do not operate directly with the business or religious domain feel an increase need to disregard local or federal laws and/or social calling to represent their craft, skill, and industry. Various leaders have been given a tremendous gift and talent. Some have been given those gifts to only waste away. Life is not all about business, but people such as Oprah and Michael J. Fox have made it a point to embody themselves and their industry in a positive light. One characteristic that separates the aforementioned individuals from those that discarded themselves in the media and their personal life is moral leadership. The simple answer of moral leadership provides a standard for leaders to operate. Some may argue that moral leadership may be specific to religious leaders. However, moral leadership can be implemented by individuals that embody vase array of organizations and industries. Some suggest that if one engages in self-leadership behaviors then they are more inclined to participate in moral leadership behaviors as well. Regardless of the relationship it is important that politicians, actors, artists, and others hold themselves to a higher benchmark. Obviously, individuals’ standards are different from the next. But, as long as people keep striving to achieve the mark that has been set, this world can engage in a positive and effective change in leadership.

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