Friday, June 17, 2011

Leadership and technology: Can’t have one without the other - Frank Sinatra 1955

In present day society, it is becoming extremely difficult to be an effective leader and have little to no technological skills. These skills go far beyond the Microsoft Office student/ professional edition or Windows 7. As hacking within companies’ databases increases, it is important that individuals in leadership roles understand the integration of leadership behavior and an organization’s technological structure. Beginning with WikiLeaks and others, it is easier to see that without technology, it is hard to lead and vice versa.

There are several ways that leadership is integrated with technology: information technology department within organizations; senior level executives; technology within crisis situations; and technology within a country’s military leadership. Using these components, one can increase their productivity and protect their company from technological attacks. With a well knowledgeable team in the technology field, organizations can survive more environmental changes and threats.

Information technology (IT) department and having someone to lead the division is essential to the argument proposed. For many years, IT has been seen as separate entity from the rest of the organization and/or more of a support division. Today, it is important for the functionality and efficiency of the organization as a whole for a leader to well verse in advanced technological programming, design and logistics.  

Another component of integration of leadership and technology is having senior level executives that understand the effects of great and poor technologically, sound individuals within an organization as well as resources such as software, computers, web sites, usability, etc. within their companies. Being well educated in the latest technological advancements doesn’t certify a person as being an effective leader. Knowing the reason and operations behind the integration of technology within an organization from a leader’s perspective may help one become a more effective leader.

 It is important to have a liaison for the technology department and senior leadership in crisis situation. Events such as the hacking of Citi Financial Group’s user information and the leaking of governmental documents that have been classified to the general public are prime examples of potential threats to companies through the portal of technology. In this situation, it is important to have senior level leaders that know the inner workings of technology and has the ability to respond in a manner that is acceptable to the consumer.

The war on terrorism is another avenue in which leadership integrates into technology. How one uses the technology to defend their country and initiate battles with strategic leadership may determine direction of the battle. Technology, leadership and military power goes hand in hand. To ensure the safety of a country and soldiers, the use of technology from a leader standpoint may prove a catalyst.
Essentially, technology in leadership is essential to leaders in various organizations. The integration of both technology and leadership may determine the future of a nation or organization. By reviewing the integration of leadership and technology one can understand information technology department within organizations; senior level executives’ understanding of technology; technology within crisis situations; and technology within a country’s military leadership.

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